10 Things To Remember When Moving Across Town

Published on 1/31/2022

1. Start Sorting Through Your Things Early On

This may be the most arduous of tasks…sorting through your treasures (and maybe a little junk) to decide what goes and what finds a new home.  As Maria Condo would say,“does this spark joy?”.  If the answer is “yes”, the item can move on to step two.  If the answer is “no”, put it in the donation pile.

2.  Start Packing Well in Advance

You really can never start too early.  Procrastinating will only add stress to an already stressful event.  Even planning to pack a few boxes a day, several weeks in advance, can ease the burden of the task at hand.  As my dad would say, “how do you eat an elephant?” The answer is, “one bite at a time."

3.  Make a List for Every Room

This step requires a notepad, a sharpie, and a little effort.  Make a list of things to remember for each room in the house.  As you pack, write down a list of things going into each box (you can be as specific or general as you want).  Next, label each box and, voila, you have an inventory of every box you pack, making the unpacking a WHOLE lot simpler.  

4.  Pack a Box of Essentials for Moving Day

This suggestion will save you from searching through your inventory list to find the specific box when you’re trying to find your pajamas on your first night.  Pack a weekend bag with all of the essentials (changes of clothing, toiletries, medications, favorite toys, etc.) you will need for your first couple of nights.  When the entire house is a maze of boxes, you will thank yourself for completing the simple task of having the essentials close at hand. 

5.  Check In With Your Moving Company

Confirm several days ahead of time when the movers will arrive and what to expect on moving day.  Moving days are hectic, and you want to make sure that everything will be on schedule with the help you’ve so diligently planned for.

6.  Arrange for Additional Help on Moving Day

If you’ve hired professionals to help you move, you are all set. However, if you didn’t, it would be wise to recruit family and friends to pitch in on the big day.  Order some pizza and make an event of it.  It can even be fun if planned ahead.

7.  Change Your Address

I’m sure you won’t want to miss the Christmas cards and your favorite coupons showing up in mailbox.  The USPS makes this super easy to do online.  And, don’t forget to alert your friends, schools, and employers too.

8.  Transfer your Utilities/Internet

If you’ve moved to a different side of town, you may be in a new utility district and have to start new service.  However, in many places, you can simply make a phone call to have them transfer service to your new abode.  It’s best to plan this a few days ahead of the actual moving day.  Having the electricity on the first night in your new home will make the ordeal a whole lot brighter. 

9.  Do One Final Check Before Leaving

Once everything has been vacated, do a final walk through to check behind yourself.  Open cabinets, closets, check in sheds, and the attic.  Make sure windows are shut, doors are locked, appliances turned off, and toilets are flushed.  Write down the numbers on your water and electric meter so you can verify your final bill.  Make sure to leave the keys and garage door openers at a visible spot for the new owners. 

10.Take One Last Photo of the Home You Leave Behind

For those of you who are sentimental, don’t forget to document the final farewell to the place you’ve called home for so long.  It’s a way to bring closure to this chapter of life and send you on to your next adventure.