Halls Storage is Open for Business

Published on 4/30/2022

Halls Storage is officially open for business!  We are just a trio of local Knoxvillians who had a desire to offer a more personalized experience to customers who need a safe place to store their belongings.  As siblings, we both enjoy each other's company and play to each other's strengths in this endeavor.  We desire to provide exceptional customer service as we assist you with finding the right space for your personal treasures.  Our website makes it easy to rent a unit from the comfort of your own home.  You can skip the office all together, if you like (although you would miss out on a warm greeting and the offer of coffee).  Whether you are looking for a space to park your RV or a temporary space to store your belongings while you move, we likely have something for you.  Whatever your storage needs are, we are happy to help and look forward to getting to know the Hall's Community.  Come by and see us today!